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As the law firm of Mahon, Mahon, Kerins & O'Brien initially handled primarily trust and estates and probate matters, the firm is uniquely aware and sensitive to dealing with family and loved ones of someone who has died. Indeed, in cases where someone has died because of the carelessness or wrongdoing of another person or company, the normal sadness of the survivors is often made worse by anger and the desire for justice in memory of the loved one. At our firm we know how important these cases are for the family that has been left behind. Under our laws the family of the victim of an accident or medical malpractice is permitted to sue the wrongdoer for the conscious pain and suffering and economic damages the person endured while still alive, as well as the financial loss to the survivors as a result of the wrongful death.

We fight for families who have lost a loved one to get full and fair compensation for their loss through pursuing wrongful death damages. In New York, wrongful death damages are primarily awarded based on financial loss, including medical and funeral expenses, and those pecuniary or monetary damages suffered by the survivors based upon monies that the deceased would have provided had he or she not been killed by the carelessness of another. Where the facts are particularly malicious, egregious or outrageous, punitive damages may sometimes be awarded.

If you or someone you know has had a family member die under circumstances that you suspect may have been caused by the carelessness or maliciousness of a third-party, please call us for a free consultation at 516-538-1111. Like all of our personal injury matters, our fee is based upon a percentage of the monetary recovery from the wrongdoer or their insurance company, and there is no fee unless we obtain a financial recovery on the client's behalf.


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