Counsel to the Public Administrator

Richard T. Kerins, partner of the firm is counsel to the Nassau County Public Administrator. Mr. Kerins is the former Public Administrator of Nassau County.

While Mr. Kerins served as Deputy Public Administrator from 1988 until 1999 and as the Public Administrator from 1999 to 2001, Lawrence Mahon and Kenneth P. Mahon served as his counsel. Accordingly the expertise of the firm in cases requiring the appointment of the Public Administrator as a fiduciary is unparelled.

The Public Administrator is involved in the following types of cases:

1. Administration proceedings or probates in which there is no one qualified to serve as a fiduciary.
2. Wrongful death proceedings or personal injury actions in which the injured party died and there is no one qualified to serve as a fiduciary.
3. Guardianship proceedings of the property of infants and adults who are under a disability.
4. Estates under section 1211 of the Surrogate's Court Procedure Act.
5. Creditor's petitions in which a defendant in a lawsuit has died or a decedent was entitled to a Medicaid Fair Hearing.

Mr. Kerins and the firm are also uniquely qualified to represent you in matters involving the Public Administrator of counties outside of the County of Nassau. Mr. Kerins can be reached at 516-538-1111 or at


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